Payments Accepted

We've received a few queries about the payment types we accept and a some of you have told us that you don't have a PayPal account.

Unfortunately, we are only able to accept payments through PayPal.  We would highly recommend that if you don't have a Paypal account that you set one up.  Not only is it free to do so, but it offers protection to both us as the seller and you as the buyer.

If for some reason you choose not to set up a PayPal account, there is a way to send us a payment through PayPal's service using your debit/credit card, without the need for an account.

We have tried this method on a mobile device, desktop PC & laptop and found that it works.

When you get to the checkout, click the "Pay with PayPal button" shown below:

When the dialog box pops up, it should give you the option to click "Pay by Debit or Credit Card" as below:

*If someone else has previously logged into PayPal using the computer, their email address may show in the login box.

If the bottom button shows "Create Account" rather than "Pay by Debit or Credit Card", click it anyway and it'll give you two options.  The first is to pay by card and the second is to set up an account.

Hope this helps!