Sunstrip Fitting Guide

Here's a guide we put together for fitting a Sunstrip:

It is helpful to have another pair of hands to assist you.  But don’t worry, you can fit the sunstrip on your own.

If you are fitting the strip outdoors, make sure you aren’t trying to do it in the wind or underneath/near trees where debris could fall onto your windscreen.

1.    Use a tape measure to measure across the top of your windscreen and use some masking tape (or a piece of blue tac etc.) to mark the centre point on the roof.  If you have a front mounted roof aerial, this can help you find the centre point easily)

2.    Put 2-3 drops of liquid soap/washing up liquid into a spray bottle, top up the rest with lukewarm water and give it a shake

3.    Clean your windscreen thoroughly (including the rubbers around the top edges)

4.    Peel the backing from your sunstrip and lay it across your lower windscreen (or bonnet) with the adhesive side facing up

5.    Spray the soapy water solution (liberally) over the adhesive side of your sunstrip and the top of your windscreen

6.    Flip over the sunstrip and get it into position, making sure it’s aligned centrally (we have applied a small piece of masking tape to the centre point to make it easier to line up with the centre of your windscreen)

7.    Use a soft edged squeegee tool (or credit/debit card wrapped in a microfiber cloth) to work out the air bubbles

8.    Once you are happy that all of the air bubbles and water have been pushed out, use a sharp craft knife, scalpel or blade to trim away the excess vinyl as close to the windscreen rubbers/edges as possible.

Press gently and go slowly to make sure you don’t slip and cut into the windscreen rubbers or scratch the glass

9.    Use your squeegee tool (or credit/debit card wrapped in a microfiber cloth) again to ensure the vinyl is pushed all the way down around the edges where you’ve just been trimming

10.    At this point, some people use a heat gun / hairdryer on a low setting to heat around the edges to make sure the strip sticks down.  However, you don’t need to do this; leave the car parked in the sun for a couple of hours and this will help the strip to adhere

11.    Stand back and admire your handy work

*If you want to fit additional graphics to your sunstrip, do this a few hours after you’ve fitted the sunstrip, to give it time to set in place

Here are some YouTube videos that are worth a watch as they will aid you in fitting your sunstrip:


How to INSTALL a SUNSTRIP to your CAR!