Detailing Products

£0.99 - £5.99
Detailing Products

Pleased to announce our new range of detailing products!

Here we have a variety of items and hopefully we will expand this further soon!

1. 40cm x 40cm 1200gsm thick, absorbent micro fibre drying towel

You may have seen these from other online sellers or even in some retail outlets at around triple the price, so hopefully you'll find these more reasonable.

2. Set of 3 polish or wax applicators

3. Set of 5 detailing brushes

Again, you may have seen these elsewhere at 3 times the price. Handy for cleaning the interior or exterior. Also good for detailing alloy wheels

4. Double sided synthetic wash mitt

Like a glove!! No, literally. You can wear it like a glove. Can be used to dust your interior or for washing the exterior of the car.

Has a gauze on the back to make it easier to shift stuck on bugs, tree sap or residue etc.

(Can be washed in your washing machine. We've found they only last around 3-4 uses before they start to break down, hence the low price) :-)

5. 40cm x 40cm Waffle weave glass cloth

6. 20cm x 20cm Waffle weave glass cloth

Absolutely amazing for cleaning glass and leaving it streak free!

Apart from the brushes, all of the items can be washed in your washing machine once you've finished cleaning your car. Please use laundry detergent or microfibre detergent only, no fabric softeners.