Aluminium Thermostat Housings & Gaskets

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Aluminium Thermostat Housings & Gaskets

This replaces the ABS plastic thermostat housing on the Ford Ka / Ford StreetKa / Ford SportKa from 2003-2009 with either the 1.3 or 1.6 Duratec engine (also known as Zetec Rocam) which are prone to cracking and leaking.

We also have the MK6 Fiesta version available. There was a very early MK6 Fiesta (2001) which came with the same 1.3 Duratec engine as the Ka. The unit is mostly the same, however one of the outlets on the Fiesta unit is different, due to the difference in hose locations.

This thermostat housing comes complete with the thermostat, coolant sensor and all gaskets pre-installed.

*We have found that the coolant sensors were not as good as the original Ford one - so we have now started supplying these with a genuine Lucas OE spec sensor.*


** If you don't want to replace your whole thermostat housing, we do supply genuine Ford thermostat housing gaskets. **

Genuine Ford thermostat housing gasket to fit the MK1 Ka (with 1.3 Duratec/Zetec Rocam engine), Ford SportKa & Ford StreetKa (with 1.6 Duratec/Zetec Rocam engine), early MK6 Fiesta (with 1.3 Duratec/Zetec Rocam engine)


Simple enough for a car enthusiast / DIYer to fit at home on the drive.

If unsure of fitting process, please ask a qualified mechanic to fit, as we will not accept any responsibility or liability for damage to your car from not fitting the part correctly.

Please be aware that after fitting, you will still have to regularly monitor/check your coolant levels, as the Ka is prone to leaks in other areas too.

Sent 1st class signed for within the UK. Same day postage if ordered before 4pm Monday-Friday